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1297 Phil Demers
Wednesday, May 15, 2019
1297 Phil Demers
So what's happened is now through the Vancouver Aquarium, Marineland. So Marineland is sending these whales to Spain, but they're claiming them to be Vancouver Aquarium Ah. ... Phil Demers: because Vancouver Aquarium is accredited and has an affiliation with the A's a day. So in Canada. ... It might still be the case with Canada, so actually the public might actually be consulted about the import of these five belugas that.
Phil Demers: animal transfers, wantedto other member facilities. It's really just a club, and this club protects Ah. Phil Demers: the interests of these parks and keeps any type of oversight lack their lobby groups. Basically. So what's happened is now through the vancouver Aquarium, Marineland. So Marineland is sending these whales to Spain, but they're claiming them to be vancouver Aquarium Ah. Phil Demers: whales, which is not true. They were never on these animals inventory or rather, this facilities inventory list. There's never been any knowledge of any of this, but what's happened is. Phil Demers: because vancouver Aquarium is accredited and has an affiliation with the A's a day. So in Canada. We call it Kasse, the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums and Marine and is, in fact not, uh, they no longer have their accreditation. They they didn't have the best of relationships shortly after all of our revelations. Phil Demers: Um, it's all just right now. It's just at the industry as a whole. Is breaking all of its own rules to facilitate getting these beluga whales? Marineland has 51 of them. Okay, there's five born every year. Phil Demers: but they always have 51 they don't They haven't shipped in or coat in nearly a decade at this point, um I mean, you do the math. That what's going on? Exactly? So they're dying. Phil Demers: They're always have 51. Phil Demers: They don't ship them anywhere else. I can attest that. Yes. Phil Demers: uh, when I was there and in my experience, And, you know, you have to watch my words because I know marine Lands lawyer Andrew Burns is listening. Hi, Andrew. I'll see you next week. Phil Demers: Um. Phil Demers: in my experience, yeah, you're for as many animals are born. You're just about losing as many, so you'll lose two old ones. You lose three young ones. Not all the ones that are born and be successful. Just about half are. Phil Demers: um, So. Phil Demers: So what's happening now is the industry wants that bloodline. There's 51 captive orcas, whereas you know there's a lot of controversy and importing animals from other place with states can't. In fact, they can't bring them in from Russia without a public consultation. It might still be the case with Canada, so actually the public might actually be consulted about the import of these five belugas that.
1385 Paul Stamets
Friday, Nov 15, 2019
1385 Paul Stamets
Yes, the California Institute of Integrative Studies in the basis and Cisco was training therapists in Canada. ... Joe Rogan: Canada's leading the way. ... Joe Rogan: Onda tracks Heroin addict, young Lady Ing and Vancouver.

that is happening now, is it? Yes, the California Institute of Integrative Studies in the basis and Cisco was training therapists in Canada. There are therapists in Europe, their therapists. There's training programs now on psychedelic therapy.

This is something that is, has a tremendous momentum.

Indigenous peoples have a really nice structure. Many of them do not all, but many have a really good structure for the responsible use of these substances. Us. There are the displaced peoples, and I will call us European based people and many other people displaced. We don't have the same constructs historically, that we can operate within. And so the psychotherapist movement is huge Right now.

Canada's leading the way. The Canadian government is very, very positive towards Second like therapy, because the opioid crisis and because significant results is in the movie. This has come out called dosed.

Onda tracks Heroin addict, young Lady Ing and Vancouver.

It is a heroic movie. It is not one of these. You.

kind of feel.

good at the end of the movie, but it is. It is. It is. It is intense, and she's doing a bogo.

and she also does high doses of mushrooms. But the opioid crisis is so pervasive there, so poor treatments available that through the psychedelic therapies in several days. They're seeing a tremendous.

success and people breaking, you know, decades long opioid addiction within a week. And so the psychedelic therapists are integral to that success. And so there are.

There are clinics now arising all over the world for this Portugal in Mexico and Spain. Um, in Jamaica.

they're the clinics are arising specifically to meet the needs of people who are trying to get these legally s so they don't get in trouble with law. So in Portugal and Spain, in Jamaica, for instance, that these are legal, many of these substances are.
1396 Michelle Wolf
Monday, Dec 9, 2019
1396 Michelle Wolf
Canada, Canada, Maybe. ... Canada's weird. ... Ah, they were in, um, things in Vancouver, and they were Ah, yuck!

who's better. Canada, Canada, Maybe. But there were. They have human rights like.

well, they also have.

Yeah, you're now you could get in trouble for saying stuff.

Yes, well, you know that kid Mike Ward knowing that comment? Comment? Yeah, he just lost his case where he's supposed todo pay $35,000 because he made a joke about, Ah, there was a kid who was sick and everybody donated money. And then, like a bunch of years later, the kid was still alive and he made a joke like, Can I.

get my.

fucking money back? How's that kids still alive.


it was a joke. Obviously.

he didn't really mean it. It's on a statement. He's not saying this like right. He's being funny. He's in a stand up comedian. That's what he does. And they fuckin sued him and they won. And so this has been going on forever. Michaels on my podcast.

two years ago, Three years? How many years ago? Jamie. I don't think it was at this spot, Was it? I think was the old spot.

It was.

a year ago.

Okay, so it wasn't the spot, and, um, it was still going on, and he just recently lost. So it started, I believe, two years before, that s how it's been going on for several u N R E actually.

talked about it.

in 2016. Yeah.

I remember.

there was one year in Montreal that people were talking about. Yes. What's the big.

deal mean? Canada's weird. There was another comic who got heckled by this. Ah, they were in, um, things in Vancouver, and they were Ah, yuck! Jocks. I think.

maybe I'm making this up. Remember where it was, But, um, someone's on stage. And this lesbian couple was heckling there, heckling a bunch comedians. He got up and call him a bunch of dikes and said some crazy shit to them.

and, uh, they fucking.

like heckles out.

of context are so funny.

It was lesbian cardamom under.


You know, people get.

drunk in the yellow stuff out at comedy clubs, and it was disruptive. And, um, so that comic wound up having to pay money to that comment. Got sued. I think he lost. I want to say it was a lot of money. I want to say it was like $100,000.
1303 Tommy Chong
Thursday, May 23, 2019
1303 Tommy Chong
When Vancouver and Vancouver. ... Yeah, but it was easy coming in in Delhi from Canada.

and I turned the strip club into an improvisational club.

So we're doing naked improv.

It was a great man. All the girls and their actor. They're strippers. Once I turned him into actresses. They were not cheaper. And they're not more beautiful. They talk.

They did skits, and then they would take off their clothes when they had to.

uh, within within. You know, the script. And that's where I met Teach.

Because we had a straight guy and a straight guy's wife. Find out what he was doing and hold him away. And then Chase came on board as a straight guy.

And then when? When vancouver and Vancouver. Yeah, but.

teachers in L A guy, right.

Yeah, he was up there in case of Vietcong attack from last guy.

So he was hiding.

from the draft? Well, not really. Will Not.

really. Was trying to stay out of the way, has put it move. And then? Then he hey, had a sneak back in the alley for killing. Yeah, but it was easy coming in in Delhi from Canada. He just showed someone else's idea, and they said Dag wanted back in.

the day. Yeah, world was slot slippery. Er yeah, that's so that's why.

I'm saying I'm so blessed because everything the universe.

and it was from the teaching started.

One of the guitar players turned me on to the e Ching back then.

and and my reading was perfection. You're gonna be everything's perfect. You're gonna really do well.

And then.

Chichen Chong and all that stuff happened.

And here we are.

And you guys are touring again. Yeah, right. How long you been touring again.

When you guys get back together. Oh, wait. 08 11 years.

How crazy is that? That that's 11 years ago. That doesn't seem like 11 years ago, you say. Oh, wait. It's like it just happened. You like? Oh, no, it's 2019. So I was 2020.
1297 Phil Demers
Wednesday, May 15, 2019
1297 Phil Demers
It's happening all over it happening in Canada as well. The Vancouver Aquarium is running with it. ... Phil Demers: you know, we're now granted that's being facilitated through the Vancouver Aquarium, that this becomes an ugly mess here because.

do they're so complex the way they did? They have fucking dialects, right.

It's They have dialects. Orcas have, um.

they have they share languages in different regions and actually have a different accent of sorts. I mean, it's ah.

it's really remarkable stuff. You're right. It would be a global outrage of today. As Day one, someone said, Hey, look at this thing. Let's put this in this box because we have them already. Well, because we have them in their some legacy businesses that have been around for a long time. That's a great way of putting. Um, you know, they have the means to fight. They know now that look, this is not going so well. If you can you can see it in all the advertising these days.

Seaworld almost rarely shows any orcas and their commercials, although it seems the industry is.

eso switching to baby walruses.

In fact, they're they're they're the new orcas. They're sort of the new brand. Herbal. Cute.

Uh, yeah, it really is. It's happening all over it happening in canada as well. The vancouver Aquarium is running with it. Um, yeah, that's Amos Seaworld. If you go to their Twitter, it's I can't say that present day. It's like literally the case today, but yeah, a lot of baby walrus stuff. It's where it's going. It's just they know that they can run with that, at least for the time being.

What's crazy and all of this is here. This bill is passing. We know it's going to pass. Its ah should be. It should get Royal assent comes second week of June.

shy of some some catastrophe. This thing will become law.


that's why Marineland is trying to get rid of these whales as quickly as they can get him out of here, because at least now they can just sound like to to export permits have been approved to the two beluga whales are going to Spain.


you know, we're now granted that's being facilitated through the vancouver Aquarium, that this becomes an ugly mess here because.

when it comes to zoos, they're all part of these associations. Okay? And these air, these air.

industry voices anything that's event anytime you're told. Well, this is an A's at a credited facility, you know, most schools, for instance, or general people. Oh, well, it's a credit. It's a good place. No, no, no, no, no. What that means is these places facilitate.
1285 B Real
Tuesday, Apr 23, 2019
1285 B Real
Joe Rogan: yeah, I think what's happening in Vancouver now, is it. ... Joe Rogan: not for Canada, because it's federally legal. ... Joe Rogan: to allow banking in the cannabis in the Canada.

Um, but, um.

yeah, I think what's happening in vancouver now, is it.

now that it's legal? Yeah, people are still making money and they're still, you know, they're still on top of the game, but it's it's It's harder to make the money right now. Well.

at least, but maybe.

not for Canada, because it's federally legal. But you still got to jump through a number of hoops, you know, in terms of regulation and fines and fees and shit like that to operate, you know, and they're a little bit different than ours. Obviously, we're not ours. Is it, like federal yet? But ah, I mean, you know, from what they were saying, is it like, you know, in a few years, all these companies will be making a whole lot of money. Right now they're making money. But it's basically about survival getting past a certain.

time when all the all the legislation, all the rules, and all the regulations air finally set in place. And they're not going to change from year to year like they like they have been. So you know.

Well, Denver had it real weird for a while where they weren't allowed to use banks. Yeah. You know.

like us right now, here in Cali, we can't use banks.

Yeah. What do they do with so they can they use credit cards here.

that used to be able to.

You can use credit cards. Um.

but realistically, it's It's if you're making money from from cannabis, in terms of.

you're cultivator or your ah or whatever. If your business entity in the cannabis world.

they won't take your money if they know it's coming from the cannabis.

cannabis culture. Right. But, you know, in the last in the last two months. They've, you know, Forbes just put out a story about that. The federal government is going to stop start allowing banks.

to, ah.

to allow banking in the cannabis in the Canada.

It's not going anywhere. They'd be crazy to not just leaving money on the table, leaving a whole lot of money in.

California. Considers plan to encourage marijuana banking. Yeah, and that And.
1414 Mike Baker
Saturday, Jan 18, 2020
1414 Mike Baker
He's off the Vancouver and the guy doesn't. ... Joe Rogan: What is going to go is gonna go to Vancouver. Mike Baker: They think generally they're looking to move part time to Canada.

Prince Harry throw. That is a remarkably accurate.

I ever taught it.


so she.

found out on TV. But, you know, they want to be financially independent.

You know, they trademarked the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in a variety of different ways, apparently, and she's gonna go back. Teoh, doing whatever she did.

is that little American hostage he's hooked up with.

just come to turn him into a Kardashian.

That's exactly what's gonna happen. Yeah.

well, listen, there are so popular. All they need to do is start endorsing fucking makeup lines and sneakers and watches and shit next to you know, Jed's a millionaire.

Yeah, but she's got a massive following on instagram.

which I suspect she wants Teoh started. Problem monetize that thing. Well, how much do you think they make? Find out how.

much they make, how much they make from the royal family.

My pop, not public. Think.

they're high that well, he got no better than that. We know that that I don't think they're hiding it, but I think they make a 1,000,000.

a year more than that. I mean, look, you got, I think, from from his mother from, I think, as an inheritance, he get some nine million.

dollars. Really, Harry.

and then.

she's probably worth about six million on.

your over acting career.

Hadn't know what she was acting in. But.

that little American HAC is ruined. My prince.

he's open. He's off the vancouver and the guy doesn't.

even know there's a Rabies issue there.

There's a fucking 13% bat Rabies problem there, buddy. Right.

What is going to go is gonna go to Vancouver.

They think generally they're looking to move part time to Canada.

They started reality show, I guarantee some creepy producer got ahold of them. Guys, listen, You're wasting your time over here in England. It rains too much.

Yeah, well, you know, look, you're pissing away. The money she's worth.

He's probably thinking I want to get out. But then he came out and said, Well, we're not gonna move to the States. Supposedly he came out and said that this is also I can't believe we sound like page six or something, but, uh, he came out and said, You know, we're not moving to the States until.
1407 Michael Malice
Tuesday, Jan 7, 2020
1407 Michael Malice
Joe Rogan: The Octopus took out an eagle in Vancouver. ... While he doesn't, he's in Canada. ... Bald eagles live in Canada to their expats.

This is why my autism wouldn't let me watch Star Trek as a kid because I knew about all this stuff. And then I'm watching Star Trek and they're going another planet. It's like a guy with the blue face and I'm just like this is mixed, stupid. It's just it's just the guy. Where is looking earth. Look at this, Right. Looking an octopus. Yeah. You've seen the video of The Octopus taking out the Siegel. Oh, yeah. What about the blanket, octopus? But what's interesting? Those? They saved an eagle.

The Octopus took out an eagle in Vancouver. A little Yes, an eagle. And the fishermen pulled it ashore and remove the octopus from the noble Eagle. But a Siegel, they were like, if Sorry, bitch, that's a wrap. Well, they're nasty. They're thieves, Will, They are thieves. But.

And the smell eagles were thieves, too. We're talking about a company that has raised organic chickens that lost.

$2.2 million in chickens. Two eagles.

They killed 160,000 eagles or excuse me. The Eagles killed 160,000. Yeah. Okay, so here it is. The Octopus. Cosmopolitan.

does that. I hate America. While he doesn't, he's in Canada. Huh? Bald eagles live in canada to their expats. They go over there to party and have sex with underage eagles. They were draft? Yeah, for sure. Because no rules up there, that wild land to the north.

But look at that.

They decided to save the fucking thing. And that weird. Oh, my.

God. Wow. If you're gonna.

save it, I think you should eat the Octopus, too, because you win. Yeah. Harassment. The Octopus could have been his largest 4.5 feet. Good. Everybody gets to eat. Yeah, that's that's a lot of.

it. Go. Don't let it go. There's plenty of them things, Jack. That.

fucker get lucky. It's only got a year long life span anyway.

does it? Oh, yeah. You know, the Octopus lifecycle. That big? Yeah. Yeah.

He lives a year. Yeah, definitely. Then, yeah. Zero remorse is Europe, fucks. I would have been.

zero remorseful.

if I found it. Only lived a year. Like.

look at.

him. He's got to be 11 and they don't really feel pain. That kid can cannibalize themselves. Well, they let their arms go when the female octopus tries to eat them. Yeah. Yeah. Female octopus is This is one of my favorite parts about the the Animal kingdom. They pretend sometimes that they won't have sex, the male octopus than they just jacked him and eat him. What about the cuttlefish where they pretend to be female? So yeah, late? Yeah. They're like beta males. That are male feminists. Yeah, they pretend to be something that female. They pretend to be FEMA, and then they fuck. The females have a female mannerisms and characteristics, just like thes beta males, and they sneak up next to him as an ally in Slate. Give the rock saw. It's like every Washington Post reporter.
1324 Ian Edwards
Thursday, Jul 11, 2019
1324 Ian Edwards
They do it in Canada, but they recently banded in British Columbia. ... It's the people that live in the cities or the most people like That's the biggest population centre in British Columbia's Vancouver writes All urban.

protecting their coach. That's their They don't fuck around. Some asshole that might be a hunter.

might be hunting bear. You might want to shoot my baby. Uh, they don't know. You might just be a you know, they don't think of humans as a good thing. Humans air dangerous.

All right, you know.

are fucking Gator Predators.


I'm surprised bears don't attack humans just more often based on that. Like, how do they distinguish.

who is the hunter and who's not.

They don't think of hunters is being something they should attack. They think they should get the fuck out of there. Because when they see guns go off and then a bowl of bullet hits a bear right next to them, that bear kind of explodes.

and screams in agony and false the ground. They just want to get the fuck out of there and not have it happen to them. All right, So if they've seen that ever in their life, they've seen a bear gets shot, which, if you're in places where bears get hunted, it's very likely that they have seen that they just run away. They smell people, they run, they wanna get the fuck out.

So bears look at humans like predators.

Only in places where people hunt bears.

The problem is when people don't hunt bears, bears have zero fear of humans and then bears one of killing people. All right, this is what you see in Yellowstone because those bears or grizzly bears. And the only place in America where you can hunt grizzly bears is in Alaska. And in Alaska they have a different attitude. They're starting to open up grizzly bear seasons. I think there was one that we're trying to do in Wyoming.

and there might have been one somewhere else where they were trying to do. They do it in Canada, but they recently banded in British Columbia.

and the reason why they banned it is not because of the people that live near the grizzly bears. They're encouraging it because these things.

airfares coming today.

and dangerous. It's the people that live in the cities or the most people like That's the biggest population centre in British Columbia's vancouver writes All urban. So that's the giant mass of people. But the people that live like where my friend Mike Hawk Ridge lives. Those people don't have a say, and those are the ones who live with bears. They have wolves and bears all over the place up there, and the black bears, which you can hunt those air not even dangerous. I mean, they're dangerous but not dangerous. Compared to Grizzlies.
1284 Graham Hancock
Monday, Apr 22, 2019
1284 Graham Hancock
Dimension is, I'm in America and Canada for the next seven weeks, and I'm going to be doing something like 25 presentations in something like 20 American cities and then three Canadian cities in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.

So there's Give us on the.

Web site. There's there's details about the book. There's a page where there are links to the book and also the other thing I would like to take this opportunity. Dimension is, I'm in America and canada for the next seven weeks, and I'm going to be doing something like 25 presentations in something like 20 American cities and then three Canadian cities in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. And that's all on the talks and events page of my website. So if anybody wants to come along.

Onda, uh, meet this old man in person, I will be LV doing most events.

doing these at theaters, and do you allow Q and A's that kind.

of work? Absolutely. I allow I allow Q and A's. I encourage that I feel is an author that, frankly speaking, I'm nothing without my audience. I owe my audience my readers big time on what I try to do at events is to give back as much as I can. So if people want to take pictures with May, I am absolutely up for that. I don't understand why anybody would want to do that, but it's fun. It's kind of fun. And when you want to come to the desk where I'm signing and ask me personal questions, I'm ready to do that sometimes. On the British book to which I just finished, I was behind in the in the event space for four hours after the event, finished signing and taking and taking pictures. But it's a joy. It za really opportunity for me to interact with with with the people who actually make my work matters.

That's fantastic. Beautiful. So what inspired this? I know there's there's always been Well, you first what we should just say for people don't know. You have been at the front of the line, um, for decades, talking about these lost civilizations End.

well from reading your work. I mean, I think I first read your work in the nineties. You exposed me to a lot of these. What were at the time controversial ideas that have now been substantiated by actual evidence, particularly Gobekli Tepe E and I mean the all the water erosion stuff on the Sphinx and have since had Dr Robert Schoch on the podcast to talk about that as well. But all this stuff was at one point, very controversial and now far less. Yes. I mean, whatever.